Dog Poop Pick Up Service and Rates

Colorado Springs Dog Poop Pick-up Prices

We charge by the cleaning. Below is a listing of pet waste removal prices. We can visit your home once weekly, every other week, or schedule a one time cleaning.

1 Dog- $14.84 per visit
2 Dogs- $17.84 per visit
3 dogs- $20.84 per visit
4 dogs- $23.84 per visit
Every Other Week
1 Dog- $24.29 per visit
2 dogs- $29.29 per visit

Each visit includes removing the waste and disposing of it off site.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. The above rates are for average weekly volume of waste and time required to remove the waste. Due note yards with above average waste or yards that require above average time will be may be adjusted to an appropriate rate so we may clean the yard in it’s entirety.

*One time pick-ups start at $60. Call today for a free estimate! Yards with gravel may incur an additional $1 per visit. Yards that have an area larger than one half acre, have multiple areas, or have both front and backyards cleaned are subject to an additional $2-$4 per billing cycle. Pricing for Five or more dogs is done on an individual client basis, give us a call to set a free estimate (719) 306-6761. Isn’t it time to get the dog feces off your lawn? Restrictions may apply. Some homes/properties may not be eligible for all service frequencies.

*Homes with more than two dogs are not eligible for every other week service.

Our Animal Services Include:

    • Colorado Springs Pet Waste Removal: We take the dog feces with us, and dispose of it for you, at no
      additional cost.
    • Inclement Weather Follow-up: If we miss your day, due to the weather, we will stop by on
      your next scheduled cleaning. Don’t worry though Colorado Springs has great weather year round.
    • Auto Pay: We keep it simple, and automatically bill on your Visa or MasterCard .
    • A Healthy Home: dog poop in yard, dog poop on lawn, dog feces, all different names for
      the same problem. We provide animal services that protect you and your pets from one of natures
      nasty little secrets. Get service today, and have a professional pooper scooper service your home, hassle free.

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