Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds Colorado Springs

Are you looking for puppies? Maybe you just want to find out more about a dog breed?

Cleaning up the dog poop can be a chore! Call The Poop Happens to get the dog poop cleaned up today! (719)306-6761. Whether it is a German Shepard, Shih Tzu, Rotweiler, Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier, Labordoodle, English Bulldog, Border Collie or another breed; Colorado Springs is great for many types of dog breeds.


Dogs are a subspecies of wolves. Most dogs have a direct lineage to the Gray Wolf. Common day dogs are often broken into groups such as: working, sporting, toy, terrier, hound, herding, non-sporting, and more. These groups contain many different dog breeds. When selecting a dog that’s right for you consider which group of dog may fit your life best. Don’t forget to choose who gets the chore of dog poop clean up.


Working dogs are bred to perform many jobs. Guarding property, pulling sleds or even saving lives! Working dogs require lots of exercise and stimulus. These dogs are fast learners and they can train easily with the right dog training. Mature working dogs are large, 50+ lbs and their size should be a factor when selecting one of these dog breeds.

Sporting Dogs

Sporting dogs are naturally aware and active. These likable well rounded dogs can make great companions for the active person/family. Sporting dogs often are part of bird hunting. Sporting dogs have been bred to meet the unique environments of hunting such as extreme hot or cold temperatures. Some sporting dog breeds are bred for speed and stealth while others are equipped to handle the freezings waters of a river or lake. Sporting dogs need lots of daily exercise and a definite role in their lives to provide stimulus.

Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are great for city dwelling. Their small stature make them ideal for in home living. Often the toy breed has minimal shedding and grooming requirements, which leaves cleaning up the dog poop as the biggest chore.

Hound Dogs

Hound dogs are the original hunting dog of ancient societies. Hound dogs allowed certain tribes to catch food that was too fast for a human. Hound dogs are great examples of stamina and prey drive. More modern adaptations of the breed have focused on some hound dogs being able to bay, which is a unique sound they make when the locate game or danger. Before taking on a hound dog be sure you live in an environment that won’t mind the occasional bay!

Terrier Dogs

Terriers can range greatly in size and personality. Most terrier owners will remark how unique each terrier can be. Terriers ancestors were intense hunters and they may not be tolerant to any other small animal. Terriers are known for being a determined breed and require a handler that can meet the engaging requirements of the terrier.

Non-Sporting Dogs

Non-Sporting dogs are a very wide range of dogs. English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers are two very popular non-sporting dogs. When considering a non-sporting dog take time to research the specific dog breeds and determine how they might fit in your life.

What are the best dog breeds? Any dog owner may tell you that their furry friends in colorado springs are the best, however everyone’s needs are different. Perhaps we can all agree that the dog poop needs to be cleaned up and that is a job best left for The Poop Happens Professional Pet Waste Removal (719)306-6761.