When would service start?

Our Colorado Springs pet waste removal service starts at the soonest possible time, that works best for you and your pets. Call today (719)306-6761 and have a pooper scooper clean up the dog poop at your home.


What can I expect on my first visit?

We like to get to know you and your pets, and discuss any comments or concerns you may have with the animal services we provide. We will give the dog poop in the yard a good cleaning. Your home’s service date is determined by your zip code.


Can my pet(s) be outside while you visit?

Yes! We even encourage it (as long as they are friendly). We have no problem with your pets being outside, and we will even give them a friendly pet when we are all done, especially if they are puppies!


What happens when there is inclement weather?

We still clean up the dog poop in all yards if there is snow on the ground. If snow occurs on your service date we well visit your home and pick up as much dog poop as we can. The following service date your pooper scooper will spend as much time as needed, removing as much dog feces is needed. This ensures that you get the best value. Dog poop on the lawn is a year long problem , luckily, we have the solution Colorado Springs! On rare occasions the road conditions may not be safe for our crews to travel. Please check our home page to see if your service area will be impacted by the weather.


Do you offer discounts or specials?

Yes, we offer military and senior citizens discounts, along with early-pay perks. Please, give us a call to set up a free estimate and get the dog poop cleaned up.


Do you pick up the dog poop in the front yard?

Yes, our pet waste removal services include front yard cleanings! We pick up the front yard, at no additional cost. Just notify the person servicing your yard and they will rid the entire premises of any dog feces.


How do I pay?

We accept Visa and Mastercard, for your convenience.