Border Collies in Colorado Springs

Border Collies in Colorado Springs

Border Collies are an amazing breed of dogs and they can make great companions! Lets take
a look at some important items to consider when getting a Border Collie.

Who’s going to clean up the dog poop?

We understand how busy life can be, and how little time you might have to pick up your dog’s poop
. We offer a quality service that will make your home look great, and the dogs happy to
stay! We know our services will fit your needs.

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What is a life with a Border Collie like?

Border Collies are known for being dedicated working dogs,
most commonly known for their herding abilities. They are extremely dedicated dogs and
are happiest if they have a job to perform. Although their job is not always herding.
Border Collies have an amazing ability to learn and can be taught to do almost anything.

People considering adding a Border Collie to their life should be prepared to provide lots of daily exercise. These dogs have a very high energy level and if there is not a healthy channel to release this energy, they can become destructive.

The dog must be properly socialized and during the process there should always be supervision. Border Collies may “nip” at the heels of a running child as a result of their herding instincts.

How big do Border Collies get?

The breed averages are between 30 to 50 pounds. However the size of their parents will be a good indicator of how big your Border Collie will be.