Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd AKA the “Aussie”

The Aussie was developed to help on the ranches of the United States. These dogs are extremely intelligent and when mature they have a great sense of how to protect their pack/family. Australian Shepherd’s temperament requires lots and lots of exercise, which also means they have fast metabolism and will produce plenty of dog poop the will need to be cleaned up!

The typical life span of and Australian Shepherd is 13 to 15 years. Aussies can sport many colors such as: Red Merle, Red tricolor, Merle, Red, Black tricolor, Blue Merle, Black. Females height is 18–21 inches while the Male’s height is 20–23 inches. Female’s weigh 35.1–55.1 lbs and Males weigh 55.1–70.1 lbs.

Australian Shepherds love Colorado Springs, CO. Their rugged coat prepares them for the changing weather of Colorado and the open spaces give them adequate room to run. Do you own an Australian Shepherd? We’d love to do your dog poop clean up.